Monday, 19 June 2017

Thank You Very Mulch!

Thank you SO much to Gina from the Orleans Community Gardens for her amazing donation of mulch to the NJ student gardens!  We got a trailer full of wonderful mulch and we are looking forward to spreading it in the garden beds this week! It'll provide lots of help with water retention in the beds and will also help to keep the weeds away! 

There are so many incredible things going on at the Orleans Community Gardens.  They do weekly donations to the Ottawa Food Bank and have also got into the beekeeping business!  So much knowledge and so many kind people. 

The amazing community gardens run by Gina!
Found at 3352 St. Joseph Blvd and also
on Facebook!

The mountain of mulch that we picked from (with a shot of the
beehives in the background - what amazing work they're doing over
at the Orleans Community Gardens!

Our haul of mulch! 
A before and after shot of our Indigenous Healing Garden without mulch and
then the beautiful finished version with mulch! Our sage, sweetgrass,
tobacco and cedar will now be able to grow weed free! 
Thanks so mulch Gina!

Happy gardening!!

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