Thursday, 29 June 2017

Giving at Graduation

Our garden is overflowing with produce and we are so lucky to be doing so well! The students have been working tirelessly and their hard work really shows! Below is a video walkthrough of the garden prior to our big harvests.
We had an amazing graduation ceremony yesterday for our NJ class of 2017 and it was so awesome to see all the grads and all the hard work they put in to get where they are now.

We have been so lucky with our garden and the amount of produce we've been getting out of it so we decided to invite all the graduates, their friends and families as well as our special guests to come check out the garden and cut some lettuce, bok choy, spinach, kale and onions to take home.  Even after everyone came through and cut what they wanted we still had tons left over so some students have volunteered to come in to help pot up some lettuce plants and harvest more kale, spinach and strawberries (thank you!!!). We made some salad bowls with different kinds of lettuce and kept some of the lettuce as single plants in pots for people to take home and plant in their gardens.  Everything is so colourful and looks so beautiful.
a look at the lettuce harvest for today.  Sending lots of
this home with students and staff to plant in their
gardens at home.

A look at the two "salad bowls" we created with four
different varieties of lettuce.  They look so
colourful and tasty!

One of the ruby red lettuce plants potted
and ready to be transplanted in
someone's home garden.
Our bins of spinach and kale harvested from the garden today.
These will all be washed and frozen by our wonderful Foods
teacher and will be used in all sorts of foods for the students
in the fall.
We are so excited that there is still so much more to harvest from the garden.  We will be completing our harvest this week and next and plan to reseed with vegetables that have about 60-80 day harvest lengths so that when the students come back in September they will have lots of tasty vegetables ready to harvest!

Happy gardening! 

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