Tuesday, 6 February 2018

Outdoor classroom and greenhouse construction!

At the end of October/early November, as the fall horticulture came to a close we reflected on all of the projects we successfully completed.

The outdoor classroom was a success! We got it all done before the frost came.  Students spent time digging up all the grass to create paths and a footprint for where the classroom would be located.  They then put down landscape fabric to prevent weeds from popping up and finished by laying down wood chips to act as the floor for the classroom.  Stumps and log seating were donated by a local tree removal company and things came together beautifully.  It was a lot of hard work but totally worth it!

Once work had completed on the outdoor classroom, students got to work digging for the new greenhouse! We learned so many construction skills while building the greenhouse and with all the hard work of the students, our new 8' x 12' greenhouse is built! It won't be used until late March/early April but will help to extend our short growing season by at least a few months!

It's covered in snow right now but we are so excited to get in the greenhouse and start our seedlings nice and early! With this addition, we can start serving all sorts of healthy foods for the students to enjoy much earlier in the spring.

Happy gardening!

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