Saturday, 19 August 2017

Summer Update

Hi all!

This summer has a been an amazing one in the NJ Gardens! We have had some amazing volunteers come to harvest some of the produce and blanch/freeze it for the students to use in September. The sunflowers are getting huge, the spaghetti squash is about ready to harvest and the kale has been growing non-stop! There will be a gardening course offered in September where the students will be busy at work harvesting all of the produce that is exploding from the gardens.  We are also looking forward to planting a crop of lettuce and radish in September for a quick harvest before the frost! 

An overall look at the garden beds overflowing with fresh produce! Our cute little helper, Murphy photo bombed
this shot!

Tomatoes when they were planted and what they
look like now! They've way outgrown their cage and
are about ready to produce a ton of tomatoes!
Carrots are ready to harvest any time now
and are poking their heads up through
the soil.
Sunflowers when they were planted by the daycare
students in May were 7 inches tall and are now
 7 feet tall!
Our onion harvest! Over 40 onions to
be used in Mark's cooking courses!

One of the many summer harvests
Another look at the gardens with the healing garden

A look at or herb bed.  The dill and arugula on the right
hand side are thriving! The sage, basil, oregano and parsley
are ready to be harvested as well!
Another one of the summer harvests

Our big raised bed with a new planting of kohl-rabi should be ready
for September.  Kale, swiss chard and carrots are ready to be harvested
as well.
Other side of the big raised bed boasts turnips, cabbage and another look
at the carrots.
The gardens have thrived this summer with all the rain and on days  where there wasn't enough rain we were thankful to have the awesome irrigation system set up to make sure our vegetables were happily watered. We hope everyone is having a wonderful summer and enjoying time outside!

Until next time,
Happy gardening!

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