Thursday, 25 May 2017


Part of our Whole Kids Foundation Garden Grant has gone towards a classroom worm composter! We would love to be a sustainable program where we create our own soil for the gardens and we believe this is a great first step!

Students are so excited about our new Worm Factory 360! Below is a video of how the worm composter works!

We got our batch of red wiggler worms today from an awesome local company called Smart as Poop! They were so wonderful and had tons of information for us about vermicomposting (thank you!!!) 

The class took today to set the new red wigglers up in their new bed (made of shredded newspaper, coir and some soil).  We fed them some banana peels and the worms were so happy to get their first snack in their new home!

We covered them with soil
and put the lid on because they
don't like the light
our red wigglers all set up
in their new bed
Their first meal of banana peel

The students are learning what types of things go in the vermicomposter such as:
- vegetable scraps
- coffee grounds
- crushed egg shells
- shredded newspaper

They are also learning the types of things to avoid putting in the vermicomposter:
- meat/fish
- dairy products
- greasy/oily foods
- minimize citrus peels

We're so excited to be creating a more sustainable classroom and looking forward to being able to use this rich compost in our gardens!

Another update to come soon!

Happy gardening ☺

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